Contrary to popular belief, summertime is not a time for farmers to sit back, relax, and watch the crops grow. Instead, it can be one of the busiest times of the year. From harvesting summer crops to prepping the land for another crop to building structures and fences for livestock, summer farming tasks don’t seem to end.

The good news is that you can make your farm work easier by using a few highly versatile tools. With your skid steer, you can maximize your productivity on the land by attaching various implements, including grapples, brush cutters, loaders, and more. In this article, we’ll talk about each of these attachments and how they can help you get more done in less time and with less manual effort.

Skid Steer Attachments and Summer Farming Tasks

While your tractor might be your go-to machine for farming tasks, your skid steer might just be the piece of equipment that will help you get certain other jobs done easier and sooner. For digging, scooping, picking up, leveling, and more, your skid steer will be the machine of choice. However, for maximum efficiency, you’ll need to have the proper implements.

Skid steer attachments come in various sizes, shapes, and purposes, and choosing the right implements will depend on the task at hand. Each piece will be helpful for a different farming purpose, but all will boost your productivity. Let’s take a look at each skid steer attachment and how it can help you with specific summer farming tasks.


The first attachment we’ll look at is the grapple. These heavy-duty fork-style attachments are all-purpose pieces. Attaching a grapple to a skid steer gives you the ability to pick up massively heavy or awkwardly shaped objects with ease.

Let’s say you need to clear a plot of land for summer planting, but this plot of land is littered with boulders and tree stumps. The solution: attach a grapple to your skid steer, drive out there, grab the boulders and stumps, and move them off to the side or to the junk pile, and you’re done.

Another grapple, like the root rake type, can be used to pile up other debris when clearing land. Moreover, if you farm hay, you can use a grapple on your skid steer to transport the hay bales to a covered area for protection after the baling is done.

Brush Cutters

Another handy skid steer attachment is the brush cutter. As opposed to the traditional rotary cutter that you pull behind your tractor, brush cutters for skid steers are intense, heavy-duty tools. These tough cutters can slice through heavy undergrowth, dense weeds, and even saplings with the ease of cutting a slab of butter.

For summer farming, brush cutters are perfect for clearing a new plot of land, making a path in a wooded area, or prepping a property for a construction project, such as a livestock shed. Likewise, brush cutters are great for clearing heavy brush away before putting up a fence.


The third skid steer attachment we want to mention is the one you probably are most familiar with–the loader. These front-attaching buckets come in a variety of styles, including types with teeth, a flat edge, solid or fork bodies, and different purposes, like manure scooping and concrete pouring.

For summer farming, loaders are essential. From leveling the ground and scooping up excess soil, dirt, and debris to building up raised areas in the land, loaders can do it all. If you’re going to be planting a crop like pumpkins this summer, a loader can be used to build up those mounds or hills before seeding. Similarly, you can use a loader to build berms for landscaping or farming purposes.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, certain loaders can be used for scooping up livestock manure for transport to and from your compost pile, and others can be used for pouring concrete or other free-flowing materials, which can be incredibly useful when building a barn, lean-to, or other structure that requires concrete.


Backhoes are another useful skid steer attachment. These pieces are all about digging, and they do an excellent job of it too. For summer farming tasks, they can be used in a variety of ways.

If you are planting an orchard this autumn, a backhoe can be a lifesaver for digging planting holes. Or, if you need to dig trenches for irrigation purposes, there is no better tool than a backhoe attached to your skid steer. Like loaders, these attachments can also be used after digging to move large quantities of soil and build berms or mounds for planting.

Grader Boxes

Next up are grader boxes. Coming in two different sizes, 72” and 84”, these skid steer attachments are the perfect solution for leveling and grading large areas of land. On untilled, uncultivated land, a grader box is an essential implement for turning the plot into the perfect base for crops.

After using your grapple and loader to remove large objects and your brush cutter to slice through weeds and saplings, you can attach your grader box and level out the ground in preparation for planting. Additionally, a grader box can be used to grade the landscape around building foundations, including homes and barns.


Finally, perhaps one of the most used tractor or skid steer attachments is the auger. Ranging in size from 4.5” to 42” and everything in between, augers are a necessity for so many farming tasks.

Whether you are planting an orchard, lining a fenceline in arborvitaes, or planting trees for a windbreak, a skid steer auger is going to be the perfect tool for digging all those planting holes. Augers are also most commonly used for building fences.

Unlike hand-held augers, skid steer augers are heavy-duty pieces that can bore through the hardest soils, gravel, cobble, and fractured rock. So, if your land is a nightmare when it comes to digging post holes, an auger attachment on your skid steer is the answer.

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