Have you tried to dig a post hole to build a fence on your farm with only a shovel? Have you ever hit tough soil or fractured rock that marked the limit for how deep you could dig? If so, you know what digging holes for fence posts, structures, planting, and other tasks is like with just shovels or other inadequate tools.

Maybe, on the other hand, you’ve used a post-hole digger or even a hand auger, but you’ve still hit hard rocks and are stuck.

If this kind of manual digging and getting stopped by hard soil or rocks is getting on your nerves, it’s time you knew about the tools that make digging holes easy, efficient, and smart. They’re called augers, and rest assured that there’s an auger for every digging project, no matter how hard the ground or deep the hole.

In this post, we’ll talk about augers, their uses, and the different types. Let’s get into it.

What are Augers?

Of course, we have to start here. What are augers? The simple definition is that they are tools resembling giant drills. With bit width sizes ranging from 4.5” to 42”, these drills are used for digging holes in the earth.

More precisely, augers are pieces of equipment that are either battery-operated, gasoline-powered, or attached to a heavy machine. Their heavy-weight spiral metal shape, combined with the rotating force provided by the battery, gasoline, or machine, means that these drills can bore through tough ground and even rock, depending on the capabilities of the specific auger.

Augers come in a wide range of widths, lengths, and types, but all are similar in their spiral drill-like shape and uses.

What are Augers Used For?

Now that you know what augers are, let’s briefly examine what they are used for, specifically. To start with, augers, as mentioned above, are built for digging holes in the ground. Unlike backhoes or other digging machines, an auger is not used for trenching or digging vast areas but for making relatively narrow, deep, round holes.

While each type of auger can vary considerably in size and use, there are a few general things that they are helpful for. Number one is fence building. An auger makes digging post holes for wood fences and bracing fences on t-post fencelines easy and consistent.

Augers are also used for drilling holes in the ground for telephone poles, foundations, decks, and frames for structures like lean-tos.

Not all augers can be used for all these purposes, so it is essential to know which auger is the best for your project before using it.

Types of Augers and Their Uses

The types of augers out there are built for unique purposes. Some are designed for light-weight, occasional use, while others are made for heavy-duty, massive construction projects. Knowing which augers you might need for your farm, landscape, or construction work will help you make the right decision and achieve your digging goals sooner.

From hand augers to auger attachments, these digging tools are essential pieces of equipment. Let’s look at their different features and applications.

Hand Augers

As the smallest type of auger, hand augers are built for small, quick, and easy projects. They are hand-held, manual tools that look somewhat like a bike handle with a drill bit attached to it. Made from sturdy metal, these tools are helpful for digging small holes for gardening projects.

With the sharp tip on the end, you simply place it where you need the hole, take the two handles in your hands and twist like you were opening a bottle. While obviously not meant for hard soil or deep holes, these hand augers are handy tools for digging small planting holes.

Post-Hole Augers

A popular piece of equipment for small-scale farms and property owners, the post-hole auger is a much tougher tool than a hand auger. However, there is a similarity in that both hand augers and post-hole augers are handled by one person.

These post-hole augers are built with an engine on top, large handles on either side and the auger bit on the bottom and are designed for just that–digging post holes. Generally, they run on a gasoline engine, but they also come in electric varieties. With an average 8” wide bit, these tools are made for digging holes for fences or structural posts, but they can also be used for digging planting holes.

Earth Augers

Earth augers are the third type and are very similar to post-hole augers. The biggest difference between them is that earth augers come in more sizes and lengths.

Additionally, earth augers do not necessarily have their own engine or energy source. For instance, there are earth auger drill bits that attach to battery-operated hand-held drills. These small earth augers are made for digging little holes for planting.

Other earth augers can have an engine on top, near the handles, but they can have longer and wider bits than you would generally find on a post-hole auger. As with the previous type, earth augers are mainly used for digging holes for posts, planting holes for trees or large bushes, or for any other purpose where a hole is needed.

Auger Attachments for Machines

Finally, there are auger attachments for machines. These are massive, drill-bit-type pieces that attach to a skid steer, tractor, or excavator. Unlike the previous types, these tools are made from heavy-duty metal, and you will need to have a machine to attach the auger to.

These auger attachments are designed for the heaviest digging work, including boring through hard gravel and fractured rock and digging massively deep or wide holes. They are also perfect for those times when you have to dig countless holes for fences.

With widths between 4.5” and 42” and almost any depth you need, these auger attachments are the go-to tool for digging holes for farms, landscapes, and construction sites.

Need an Auger Attachment for Your Machine?

If you have a digging project or are putting up a fence and want the best tool for the job, look no further than an auger attachment for your machine.

Unlike hand augers, post-hole augers, and earth augers, auger attachments don’t require any manual effort aside from controlling your machine. This makes digging hundreds of holes for fence posts or digging deep holes for structures painless, quick, and straightforward.

Whether it’s for a skid steer, tractor, or excavator, Attachment Authority has the auger implement you need. Check out our augers at our online store today!